Our Vision

Shannonbrook Pastoral P/L stud 2022 commenced in 2006 with the aim of providing the beef industry with superior genetics via a breed that had ‘earned its stripes’ on the Australian landscape.

The foundation was laid by sourcing females from reputable, recognised Santa Gertrudis studs as a nucleus to build on. These females had outstanding value and breed attributes.

Sire infusion being critical to maintain the standard of correctness. The undisputed benefits of artificial insemination were utilised and local superior semen sourced.

To offset potential local genetic limitations, outcrossed American, polled semen was imported from Texas by Shannonbrook.

The result has been pleasing with a new generation of fertile, good performing, correct breeding females.

The journey is far from over and the thirst for performance improvement continues .

The beef industry is a good sustainable industry with a  hungry world demanding protein in a delicious form.

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