Shannonbrook Pastoral

We are relatively new to the beef industry but enter it with hope and determination. A large sum of money has already been invested in the sourcing of quality breeding stock and superior male genetics. Add to this ‘state of the art’ property infrastructure, improved pasture and animal handling equipment.

First and foremost is the need to meet our market. To this end we provide our animals improved pasture, natural grasses, good clean water, calculated nutrition and appropriate fibre intake.

The net result is a healthy demand for our finished product. In the commercial ring, steers and heifers at an appropriate age are turned off. MSA grading has enabled us to ‘place’ our animals where premium prices are paid. As a bonus, stud male and female animals have been provided as seed stock to other breeders.

We trust that our efforts at the end of the line provide consumers the pleasure of a fine dining experience with healthy, sumptuous steak, good wine and great company!

Kind regards Frank and Lynn Ashman

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